A Prayer for Christmas 2020

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

We sum up our hope this Christmas — A weary world rejoices.
You gave up the riches of heaven to come as a baby.
You came with little fanfare or public spectacle.
As we reflect on Your birth, we recognize Your ways are not our ways.
And yet, through Your life, we find ultimate peace and rest.

We realize many today have Christmas alone.
Some will Zoom with their family rather than being together.
Others will walk through this day with grief.
Let us not acknowledge this Christmas as the one no one could expect.
Your promise of Emmanuel “God with us” meet us today.

Fill our hearts with the depth of joy.
Not with fleeting happiness or the desire for comfort.
The joy of Mary traveling many miles, fully pregnant, and giving birth in a stable.
The joy of Anna and Simeon waiting to meet You after a lifetime.
The joy of Joseph, who quietly walks off-stage following Your birth.
The joy of Zechariah that receives grace amid our doubts.
The joy of Elizabeth who recognizes the miracle of this day.
A joy found deep in our souls transcendent to the darkness and chaos of the world.

In many ways, the Christmas story throughout the Gospels mirrors 2020.
A people who felt the silence of God anticipate the trumpets of angels.
As CS Lewis reminds us — the miracle of the incarnation sets up for other miracles.

Lord, we walk through this day with a complexity of emotions.
Let us love one another with grace.
Our prayer and hope this Christmas remains — A weary world rejoices.

Originally published at https://peterenglert.com on December 25, 2020.




Adult Ministries Director @Browncroft . Host on @WGWPodcast. Married to @RobynEnglert | Subscribe to my blog ➡️ http://eepurl.com

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Peter Englert

Peter Englert

Adult Ministries Director @Browncroft . Host on @WGWPodcast. Married to @RobynEnglert | Subscribe to my blog ➡️ http://eepurl.com

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