A Prayer for Churches — Gathering + the Future

Lord, You have walked us through this peculiar season.
Churches went online in a matter of a week.
Pastors preached from iPhones.
Worship leaders and teams sang from Zoom.
Changes like these with a pandemic may have taken years took place in a matter of months.
We thank you for the empowerment You provided the churches.

Guide us into the future.
We need Your wisdom to reopen for the safety of people attending church.
Give us a fresh vision for sharing the gospel in the digital space.
Unite the churches to build Your kingdom rather than compete against each other.
You have brought us into a new season.
Let’s follow Your lead.

As much as things have changed, so many aspects remain the same.
The good news of the gospel changes lives.
Your death and resurrection compel us to experience life-change in You.
You call us to live out faith in You in community with others.
You bring hope amid the valleys.
You bring light to the darkness.
If we stop to reflect, we can recount numerous ways You have been faithful to us.

The Church will have to navigate complicated decisions in this next season.
We honor the ways You worked in the past, but we hold that loosely.
You work in fresh new ways that require our faith.
We trust You, not the strategies and tactics of the past.
Provide us clarity to focus on the essentials and timeless truths.
Train us to share the gospel to a new generation in this season.

May You receive all glory and honor.
You are the resurrection and the life.
We look to You.


Photo by Tajmia Loiacono on Unsplash

Originally published at https://peterenglert.com on July 12, 2020.



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Peter Englert

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