A Prayer for Just Right Time

As a child, I heard, “You are seldom early, never late, but always on time.”
The longer we follow You, we realize our timetable is not Your timetable.
We wait for You in some cases.
During this season, we long for You to intervene.

We hold on to this hope…
At just the right time, You came to redeem us.
You gave up the riches of heaven to walk among us on earth.
You know the pain and temptation of humanity.
Ultimately, at just the right time, You endured the cross and rose again.
That’s the good news of the gospel.
That’s the good news of right now.

In our lives, we look back at You working at the right time.
So Lord, help us to remember Your timing.
Guide us in the in-between of this season.
Give us a glimpse of You when we struggle with Your timing.
Along the way, focus us on the opportunities in front of us.
Let us love our neighbors well and pursue the goodwill of our city.

In this season of a pandemic, polarized election, and protesting, Your timing can feel too little, too late.
Forgive us for our sins of not responding the way You have called us to respond.
We humble ourselves before You.
Transform our hearts and lives in this season.

We also know that some of Your magnificent work comes in the season of hopelessness.
Your death on the cross gave way to resurrection.
Today, we affirm You are the God of just the right time.


Photo by Reinhart Julian on Unsplash

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Adult Ministries Director @Browncroft . Host on @WGWPodcast. Married to @RobynEnglert | Subscribe to my blog ➡️ http://eepurl.com

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Peter Englert

Peter Englert

Adult Ministries Director @Browncroft . Host on @WGWPodcast. Married to @RobynEnglert | Subscribe to my blog ➡️ http://eepurl.com

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