A Prayer on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Peter Englert
2 min readSep 11, 2021
Photo by Kirby Kizuki on Unsplash

Today, we remember the twentieth anniversary of 9/11
We remember those who lost their lives at the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Shanksville, PA.
We remember their families still grieving two decades later.
We remember the first responders who went to ground zero.
We remember where we were.
We remember how the world forever changed by this day.

Society collectively pauses on this anniversary.
Some may question, where are You in the darkness?
A broken world carries the cold reality of innocence lost.
Where does our hope come from? Where are You in the silence?

You walk with us through the valley of the shadow of death.
You are the Savior that mourns with us on this day.
The One who wipes the tears from our eyes holds the world with justice and mercy.
You remain close to the brokenhearted.
You make the wrong right.

Amid all the sorrow and reflection, we fix our eyes on You.
You bring beauty from the ashes.
In looking back, we recount twenty years of Your faithfulness.
Teach us to hold the tension of lament and gratitude.
Let us pause long enough to feel the weight of this day.

Walk with those who feel the immense grief of today.
Let us seek to listen and honor the memories of this day.
You alone are hope and comfort.




Peter Englert

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