Ideas for Connecting During the Coronavirus

You feel it. The briefings appear each minute on your social media newsfeed. Grocery stores keep running out of stock. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes seem stationed in each room. The Coronavirus has brought a host of worries to us.

In this time, we have moments when we need to lean into the worry so that we can process well. Also, we need to know when to change the subject. The most powerful opportunity in front of us is connecting in relationships with other people.

We now have the time to make the calls we have put off. I find that sometimes we wait on other people to make the first move. Let’s become people who move towards others. Sometimes, you will need to process through your anxiety, and other times you will need a great laugh.

As we take this opportunity in front of us, I want to offer a few quick ideas for connecting with other people during the Coronavirus.

1. Start a text conversation with a group of friends and family.

I meet with a group of men on Sunday night. We started a text group. Each day, we have sent a prayer to each other. I look forward to those texts. Sure, it’s a lot of notifications, but it’s a fantastic way to keep in touch.

2. Go to the church livestream with your friends and comment on the chat.

Keep the habit of going to church on Sunday. Now, you can even talk through the service in the chat without interrupting the pastor and worship leader. Joining the livestream helps us keep a semblance of routine during this disruptive time.

3. Start a YouVersion Bible Reading Plan together.

The YouVersion App ( provides Plans that you can go through with other people. At the end of each reading, you can add your thoughts to the group discussion. Going through the plan will also help reorient your mind when you encounter cycles of worries.

4. Create a contact list of people to touch base.

Take fifteen minutes going through your contacts on your phone. Who are people you say that you would love to talk to but keep forgetting? Make a list of ten to fifteen people who can text or call during this time. It can mean so much to hear from you.

What are ways that you are connecting with people during the Coronavirus situation? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Photo by Meghan Schiereck on Unsplash.

Originally published at on March 20, 2020.




Adult Ministries Director @Browncroft . Host on @WGWPodcast. Married to @RobynEnglert | Subscribe to my blog ➡️

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Peter Englert

Peter Englert

Adult Ministries Director @Browncroft . Host on @WGWPodcast. Married to @RobynEnglert | Subscribe to my blog ➡️

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