Why Pastors and Leaders have an Opportunity to Interact in YouVersion

Yesterday, I noticed fifth-grader highlight passages in Psalm 23 from the Sunday sermon. A senior in high school completed a Bible reading plan. I’m in a group of 130 people who will complete the Bible in two years with a robust comment section each day.

Three years ago, we might have thought about an in-person church program. These Bible interactions took place on the app, YouVersion created by Life.Chuch.

As church leaders, we made a mistake. We tried to pit digital versus physical Bible reading. Instead, I think the more beneficial question included, “Who would engage the Bible more in an app?”

I talk with a variety of pastors and leaders. They point to a critical discipleship discipline of engaging the Bible. Perhaps, reading the Bible on your phone might not be a preference by some, but others engage the Bible more because of their phones’ access.

Pastors, small group leaders, and church leaders can have apprehension about social media. Yet, YouVersion stands in contrast to other platforms. Its purpose is to help people read the Bible. Church leaders have the opportunity in real-time to interact with people as they engage scripture.

Reading a Bible physically does have a downside — You cannot readily engage it in community without an in-person or even ZOOM conversation. On the contrary, YouVersion has created a platform for people to engage each other as they read the Bible.

Today, I want to offer pastors and church leaders a few helpful ways to interact with the people you serve on YouVersion:

Like the Bible interactions.

Just like a newsfeed, YouVersion has a community section. You can see your friend’s verse highlights, notes, and reading plans. Liking these interactions invites conversations and affirms people having the courage to interact with the Bible.

Join a Bible reading plan with others.

As I mentioned, I joined a two-year plan with 130 people from Browncroft going through the Bible in two years. You can join plans that last a few days in smaller groups. Now, you can bridge the gap of personal Bible engagement with your small group.

Share notes about the passages you read.

Pastors and church leaders can utilize this platform to share their insight into a verse. It’s not just Sunday morning, but leaders have the invitation to give insight to the passages they read.

Do you use YouVersion? How are you using YouVersion to interact with the people you serve? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Originally published at https://peterenglert.com on July 20, 2020.



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